I’m Mollie, a holistic health coach here to help guide your personal journey to optimal health. I spent a good portion of my life chasing after health and happiness, and eventually realized that I had to create it for myself. For years I struggled with a multitude of physical and mental symptoms, but when my symptoms worsened dramatically at age 23, conventional doctors failed to give me answers. So I dove into researching natural methods of healing, completely changed my diet and lifestyle, and devoted my life to investigating my own health. Through trusting in nature and supporting my body to heal itself, I was able to find the answers I needed and the happiness I always strove for. To heal myself, I used a holistic and functional approach by addressing every aspect of my health: diet, behavior, mindset, biology, movement, connecting with nature, stress management, sleep, human connection, and spirit. I learned to adopt a mindset that was rooted in self-love and started making choices that nourished my whole being. My mission now is to use this approach help others find their happiness and feel their best.

My healthcare career started with a passion for helping others find inner peace and happiness. I received a bachelor’s degree in psychology at UC Davis which showed me a conventional approach toward treating mental illness. It taught me about neuroscience, behavioral science, and types of therapy and psychiatric medications, but it left me wanting more options for healing people. I wanted to help people heal from the inside out. In addition, working at adolescent psychiatric facilities that used the conventional approach, I witnessed how adolescents struggling with their health were rarely treated successfully. This fueled my passion for holistic health even further and solidified my dedication to helping others take control of their own health. I decided to become a certified holistic nutrition consultant through Bauman College which not only addressed how the foods we eat impact all aspects of health, but how the combination of our biology, mindset, environment, and lifestyle factors all play a role in our health. I now help people from a more thorough and foundational approach that allows them to heal their whole being.

I believe that healthcare should be based on an individualized holistic approach that aims at resolving the root of health issues, rather than just treating the symptoms. This holistic approach should view the body as one whole system, and address all the different factors that are impacting the entire being of a person. I also believe that improving our relationship with ourselves is essential for improving our health and happiness. As a health coach, I help people obtain the knowledge, awareness, intuition, and habits that they need to optimize their health and live their happiest life.