Community, human connection, and experiencing joy all have amazing healing powers and are essential aspects of health and happiness. As a healer, creating and participating in events that bring people together and offer them a joyful, educational, and healing experience is an important part of my mission.


Sun 9/29, San Francisco

Recharge and replenish your well-being at this holistic health retreat that will offer you a full day of deep relaxation, intense healing, expert health insight, and authentic connection. Wellness providers will guide you through a variety of wellness experiences including breathwork, sound healing, meditation mixer, wellness ceremonies, yoga, and a talk on holistic nourishment lead by me.


Workshop series, Sept-Nov, Bay Area

Listen to Your Gut Workshop, Sat 10/19, SF

This workshop series is part of the holistic wellness mentorship program designed by my amazing friend Marissa Lavalette called Attune + Align which offers guidance on meditation, yoga, nutrition, and personal branding. Marissa and I will be leading the gut health workshop that will address both the nutritional aspect of gut health and the energetic aspect of the solar plexus.

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Wed 10/23, San Francisco

Join us for an evening of conversation, support, and community around mental health to help raise awareness and improve your own mental well-being. Event activities will include yoga for anxiety and depression, survivors of mental illness sharing their story, a talk on mindfulness practices for mental health, and more.

Athleta | Attune + Align: Women in Motion Share How to Manifest Your Vision

Wed 9/18, San Francisco

This is the Attune + Align kick-off event is free and open to the public! Join us for an inspirational evening to align with you dreams and goals through guided meditation, manifestation work, and a panel of amazing business women sharing their experience of aligning with their passions and following their dreams.


Master Your Mind: A workshop to process negativity and embrace positivity

Sat 9/21, Oakland

Looking for a chance to reset your health, reboot your mindset, and let go of old energy that is weighing you down or preventing you from healing? My friend Kay Ellis and I truly believe that mindset is the foundation for good health, so we designed this workshop as a powerful opportunity to help you release negative emotions or blocks, rewire negative thinking, find inner peace, heal your body, and bring more positivity into your life.

Event Services:

Health Talks

I lead educational health talks or discussions for groups on topics such as: holistic healing, real food nutrition, gut/digestive health, mindset for health, mental health, meditation for health, and more. Please contact me for pricing, as it varies based on group sizes.

Health & Wellness Events

I also offer event or workshop planning that can provide a combination of educational, community building, demonstrative, social, healing, or fun experiences. I enjoy partnering up with other health experts or healers to provide different perspectives on health and a diversity of live experiences such as meditation, yoga, breathwork, healing rituals, sound healing, etc. Contact me if you’re interested in collaborating.